D3 Cyber has partnered with an Award-Winning Cybersecurity and Compliance Platform to simplify and streamline your cyber security compliance operations.

Trusted by Companies of all sizes, Apptega drives the technology behind building a great cybersecurity program without it being difficult, time-consuming or expensive.

Cybersecurity law is vast, tangled and constantly evolving. Apptega empowers companies of all sizes to:

- Automatically and continuously track compliance to 30+ industry-standard frameworks.

- Quickly identify security gaps, giving you the roadmap to remediation.

- Get ahead of cybersecurity threats before they arise with customized risk and audit management.

Join thousands of CISOs, CIOs, and IT professionals who are dramatically reducing the cost and burden of managing cybersecurity and compliance audits. Learn how you can save time, have great cybersecurity, and grow your business with D3 Cyber partnered with Apptega.


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